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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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back here in iowa many times between now and the caucuses next year. keep it here on america's headquarters for coverage. greta goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert. and you better get ready. right now a powerful and dangerous winter storm targeting more than 50 million americans. blizzard warnings are are up for 250-mile stretch for the northeast and states of emergency already declared in several states. one to three feet of snow is first alert forecast for much of the northeast but it isn't just the northeast that has trouble brewing. across the nation, travelers in the air are are all seeing major disruptions. "on the record" brings you live team coverage up and down the east coast from pennsylvania to new york and new jersey to boston. we are taking you into the heart of the storm but first, fox news senior meteorologist janice dean is tracking the storm. janice? >> hi, greta. the other thing about this is we will have tremendous power outages especially for new england and eastern long
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island and the temperatures are going to be frigid. these are current temps right now so. 20's and theirs. you factor in the winds and in some cases we are going to see wind gusts in excess of 60 miles per hour. that's going to drop those real feel temperatures into the teens. even below zero in a lot of these areas. so, if the power is out for a number of days, you need to check on your neighbors check on the elderly because this could be a potentially very dangerous life-threatening storm. looking at the satellite radar imagery. we have had a dry spot here in new york city. it looks like we are trying to fill in a little bit. long island they have upped their first alert forecasting. i know we are going to talk to rick leventhal in a little bit. he is going to tell us up to two feet or more for rhode island. we are in the state of now casting. we are going to first alert forecast on the fly right now because a lot of these areas could get more snow than originally anticipated. some could get less. there is your first alert forecast radar right now. 9:00 p.m. we are starting to see the snow fill in.
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this is the european model. again we have been watching this all afternoon and then into tuesday morning, still feeling in for -- filling in for parts of new jersey, connecticut, rhode island, massachusetts. massachusetts, new england that's where we think the bulls eye of the storm is going to be with upwards of 2, even 3 feet. still with us tuesday evening for new york and boston and portland and then finally, finally wednesday this will start to pull offshore. the dangerous part of this greta, i know we are going to get some epic snowfall totals but the blizzard warnings for several hours in some cases 12 hours of brutal winds beating the coast line. 1 to 3 feed of snow, 50 to 80 mile-per-hour gusts is going to be dangerous. people need to be in stores starting now. back to you. >> janice, thanks. we will be back with you in a moment. right now one of the places getting hit the hardest rhode island. rick leventhal is live )qi from talking to janice dean, you better get reddy. >> yeah. we are trying to get ready
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it's hard to stand here and look into this snow. it's coming down hard and winds are starting to pick um. roads are getting nasty. we have now learned that the port authority plans to close all hudson river crossing between new jersey and new york. george washington golden gate bridge lincoln and holland tunnels will close to traffic at 11:00 the list of the streets only open to. that extends to new york as well with. 13 counties. including suffolk. 11 p.m. only emergency vehicle also allow the snow plows to get through. we will show you the conditions right now. getting covered very quickly, very icy, limited traffic on the roads right now which is a good thing. they are slippery and dangerous. as you heard janice say, they are now calling for 24 to 36 inches of snow falling on parts of long island tonight. it is a very very difficult situation, obviously for them to stay ahead of with all these snow plows, every one of them out here trying
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to keep up. one is coming this way now. they tell us with the snow falling at a rate of 2 to 4 inches every single hour they won't be able to keep up. that's why they are asking people to stay off the roads, greta. >> rick, thank you. this monster blizzard son the move as it pummels new york city and rhode island. also spreading and heading north to new england where they could see 3 feet of snow. molly line is live in boston. i have heard terms like wicked brutal, monster power outages and feet. that doesn't sound good that's right. you might have heard wicked in new england. picture perfect. the snow is starting to kick up and come down. for of the day i have been able to seat top of one of major landmarks. the old john hancock tower. that means slow. the governor getting out ahead of this declaring emergency. travel ban kicks in at midnight. he would like everyone that does not have to be out on those roads to stay home or stay somewhere safe tonight.
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first first responders, medical personnel folks cleaning the roads will have those roads to themselves and get things done and get where they need to be an emergency. 2 to 3 feet of snow southern part of the state. the snow down there could be heavier and with gusting winds that could be a lot of power outages to the south and all across the state as well. the thing about the storm is not just the total amount of snow they are expecting but intensity. 2 to 4 inches that will come down after midnight each hour. that could be what messes up the roads. take a listen to governor baker? >> driving will be virtually impossible in many areas for extended periods of timeed trapsz sit system also shut down. if this tells you how important they are looking at the storm massachusetts officials. 500 national guard troops have been called in as well to be ready for this. there are 250,000 tons of salt ready to go. 600 highway workers all across the state not to
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mention all the cities and communities and towns across massachusetts that also have teams in place. greta? >> molly, thank you. and it's not just new york long island, connecticut rhode island massachusetts, this is a monster storm. governor chris christie declaring a state of emergency in knowledge. commuter trains will be shut down. the whole region is paralyzed. fox reporter chris mcconnell is live in new jersey. chris? >> >> good evening, yet. light snow continues to fall in trenton. the most very, very long night for folks here on the northeast. governor chris christie is issuing a state of emergency urging everyone to stay off the roads, begging them to stay at home big story tonight is transit problems in new jersey. new jersey transit the state's largest transit authority have shut down operations. in less than an hour you better be on a bus or train to get home or they will be shut down for the rest of tonight.
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rest of tomorrow. and then they are going to take it from there right now the snow continues to fall. it was a light dusting. right now people are just prepared for the worse. i want to show you we are talking that real casting. first alert forecasting on the flight. i want to show you right now what we are dealing with. not just the snow it's the wind as well. i have am no ma'am ter here. wind chill is 19 degrees here in trenton, new jersey. that's the big concern now these whipping winds with 16 to 18 inches of snow first alert forecasted here in trenton. they will have to be plowing through tonight and tomorrow because the snow is going to end up on the roads with blizzard like conditions. long night long day tomorrow here in central jersey. greta? >> chris, thank you. of course, with the wind chill that bad and power outages, that's very bad for the people who may lose heat. of course, this storm is also forcing airlines to cancel. thousands of flights. fox news lena gabriel is
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tracking the travel pobs this monster storm is across the nation. have to originate some place often the northeast. >> here the port authority i'm at right now considered a major bus hub for new york city area. no one is getting out of here after 11:00 p.m. tonight. that's when bus services will be suspended. behind me you normally see where people would be lined up for new york airport to take the shuttle there. right past this stop line here. but the company that runs that service is shutting down at 9:00 p.m. tonight. of course, most local airport operations have already come to a stop this evening. the hardest hit airports with cancellations today were the three new york city area airports including garr de-ice planes, trying to keep flights going as long as they possibly okay many travelers there hunkering down fort night listen. >> it's not the best case
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scenario but, you know, at least i'm not outside. >> overall 7,000 flights have been cancelled for local airports through wednesday. today more than 1900 flights were delayed. now, boston logan airport is shutting down its operations this evening. no flights will be taking off or landing there tomorrow. but, greta. football fans don't need to worry the new england patriots did already take off for arizona heading out of boston earlier today. >> leann, thank you. fox new york reporter lynn is a smith is live out in those snowy streets linda. >> good evening gte, hard to standing out here right now expected to handle up to 2 feet in new york city. if is coming down light lit right now. 4:00 this afternoon heavy. i will have my cameraman
4:10 pm
over here there is hard hardly anything on the road the hows came by. >> it has subsided starvelly. but what they are predicting i have been heard janice dean talk to you a few minutes ago. supposed to pick um in a few hours. new york city 1 at the 2 inches of snow to be falling per hour. and then after midnight. between midnight and 6 or 7:00 in the up to 4 inches of snow is expected to fall per hour during that six or seven time period. by the time you will a of this is over tomorrow we are expecting to have up to 2 feet of snow here in new york and protecting 3 feet of snow light and connecticut. you have to be on off the road by 11:00 tonight because of the state of emergency. if you are not, you could end up with a ticket or possibly even getting arrested. and also greta,s you know you live and work here in the city, they never shut
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down the owb way system. they are doing that tonight at 11:00. the roadways will be shutt down. bridges and tunnels are going to be shut down. if you are north the home by 10:30 tonight you will be stuck here in the city or wherever you are because you are not going to get there. back to you. >> lynn is a linda, thank you. more live team coverage and update on the storm's track a little later. right now doneld donald trump now he went to iowa this weekend. he ripped president obama he blasted more than 1 potential g.o.p. candidate. >> we have a presidential election coming up. and we have some good people. >> we need to bring together a coalition of americans who want to believe again. >> you can't have bush. >> the measurable of success in government is how many people are no longer dependent on the government
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it can't be mitt because mitt ran and failed. >> if i was too blunt and for new jersey for iowa then why do you people keep inviting me back? >> this election is tougher to win than beating a failed president. >> donald trump right after the break. don't go away. and straight ahead. liberal ultra liberal and oscar winning director michael moore still declaring war on the blockbuster film "american sniper." you have to see what moore said this time and then you will hear what former congressman and army veteran allen west has to say about it. that's next. plus, we are following breaking news. crippling blizzard slamming in the northeast. mid-atlantic is down right dangerous out there. live team coverage up and down the coast will continue. tweet us your blizzard photos while you still have power using #greta. here are pictures you have already sent.
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right now donald trump. you just heard him he went to iowa. he ripped president obama and blasted more than one potential g.o.p. presidential candidate. donald trump joins us. good evening, donald. >> hello greta. >> well, two big verbal punches, one to governor romney and one to governor bush and governor romney you said he is not a closer. >> he is not a closer. he was not able to close the deal he should have been able to. we had a president that was doing terribly. as bad as you are going to do. he should have won and many republicans would have won and he was not able to close the deal. and certainly the republicans cannot be so stupid as to give him a second crack because honestly he choked. owasn't able to get it done
4:17 pm
he should have been able to get it done. there is no excuse for it you cannot give that person a second chance unfortunately. >> all right. governor bush you criticized him and said we don't need another bush. in all fairness he should not get extra credit for beating bush but he should also not lose some credit for being a bush. he should be measured by himself. >> it's a huge negative of the. the bush name is not exactly hot right now. i think it's a very very big negative. is he very weak on immigration. he is for common core which is a republican i can tell i is not a positive thing he think he wouldn't get elected. i don't think he would beat hillary or whoever it may be. >> all right. you describe president obama as either grossly income fenton or has completely different agenda than you want to hear about. what do you mean by completely different agenda? what's he got that we don't want to hear about? >> well, he wants to change us around to a different system than what we are supposed to be in this country, he wants to go very different route. and i said that very strongly and i got as you
4:18 pm
know more standing ovations by far than anybody else and that was one of them. >> what's the different. >> he is either grossly incompetent or he wants to go in a different situation. he wants to give away the free ernesto surprise system. he wants to have a system that does not measure well with what we are about. and certainly what the republicans are all about. >> are you saying he is anti-capitalism? is that sort of code for that? >> socialism and anti-capitalism and lots of other things yes. >> all right. and you also said in an interview to breitbart, i can make america great again and you also said that i are seriously considering about running what the odds. >> i am seriously considering it. i could make america great again we have tremendous potential. not using it. politicians are all talk no action i have been watching them for years. i was doing well last anytime. i could have done something. in a way i have a regret, i did what i are to do when i backed mitt and mitt let us
4:19 pm
down and that was very unfortunate. but i can tell you this we have tremendous potential as a country we don't use it. we are falling behind. china is now the one -- the number one economic engine economic country which is unthinkable if you go back 10 years. unthinkable that a thing like that could happen and again, we have the ability in this country to it truly be a great one again. right now we are falling so far behind. >> donald, how you can walk away from your businesses and i looked at the numbers from miss universe last night. i know how the apprentice is doing. could you really walk away from all of that to run for the '. >> i would be willing to do it the apprentice doing well. miss universe last night you saw nielsen ratings they were through the roof and all of that. obviously the country is far more important. and i can do things that other people can't do. i can do things that the other republicans candidate and frankly the democratic
4:20 pm
candidates can't do. one of the things we have to do is stop with this tremendous flow of people just walking right into the country we don't know who they are, where they come from. they just walk right across our southern border and who builds a better wall than donald trump? i build the best buildings, walls are easy. believe me i would build a wall that is not penetrable. that would be a wall that they are not going to be stepping over. and we he have to do that we have to stop this influx because it's killing our country. >> donald, thank you. and i hope you come back and i hope you come here when you make up your mind whether you are going to run or not. thank you, donald. >> thank you very much. >> and another blockbuster weekend they box office for "american sniper." >> chief. >> yes, sir. >> my name is mavs. we met in fallujah. you saved my life. >> i did? >> yes, sir. >> we were stuck in a house until you came in with the the first marines. you were the one that carried me out. >> but the film also taking
4:21 pm
another round of fire from liberal director michael moore. moore posting tweets, you tell me is moore dishonoring american soldiers? take a look at director moore's tweets. first, tomorrow's sunday school one what would jesus do? oh, i know what he would do is hide on top of a roof and shoot people in the back. and then sunday school two. but what would jesus do if he could be a sniper and save soldier's lives by shooting savages in the back? joining us army veteran and former congressman allen west. good evening, sir. >> good evening, how are you doing, greta? >> i'm very well. i noticed that you have seen "american sniper" twice. you must have a strong view on this. >> yes, i do. i think when you look at the progressive left. they spent a lot of time and a lot of resources really demonizing the iraq combat field of operations. what "american sniper" does is it brings that 25-meter urban combat operation into the lives of the american people and you get a chance to see it but even more so
4:22 pm
it humanizes the warriors that were there on the ground fighting. and biggest thing that seems to be causing the left consternation is the acclaim that movie has gotten six academy award nominations but also the success it has had at the box office. when you look at a lot of the left's movies that they put out about iraq or even afghanistan or even going back to desert storm, they did not do well. >> i almost think that michael moore was just being a little bit i don't know if it's emotional or dopey. evidence tweets that his uncle was killed by a sniper in world world war ii. oftentimes people take to twitter and say things that are just sort of dopey. it is consistent with his views on the war and everything. he just might have been a lot better off not tweeting about all of this. don't you think? you are absolutely right. not just michael moore but you saw matt taibbi of "rolling stone" the thing that he said. also the comment from howard dean that basically said
4:23 pm
anyone going to see "american sniper" they have anger management problems. i guess. on the left they embrace on the boberg dal. look at the fact the comments that susan rice made on the sunday talk show. serve honorably with honor and distinction. you know, i don't remember the obama administration sending anyone to the memorial service with chris kyle to years ago 2013. somehow they found a way to send three members of the obama administration to michael browne's funeral in st. louis. >> well, let me take you to another topic joint chiefs of staff martin dempsey is sponsoring an essay competition to honor the saudi king who just died and i confess i think an essay contest is a little weird for the general joint chiefs but you tell me what do you think? >> well, i think that it is
4:24 pm
bad policy coming out of the department of defense. the chairman of the joint military capability and capacity. i'm glad to see that kurds along with the american air power has somewhat pushed isis back from strong hold or attack positions around kobani, we need to be talking about building up that capacity and capability to once again possibly go back on the battlefield and defeat and destroy isis as well as al qaeda. and when you look at the kingdom of saudi arabia, i don't think that they have many policies that we should be i guess touting or providing al co-ladies for. >> >> women can't even drive there. >> >> congressman, thank you, sir. >> straight ahead just six days into the super bowl there is a new explosive twist in the deflate gate investigation. plus, former nfl star hall of famer and heisman trophy winner tony door set.
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4:29 pm
>> also tonight a new twist in the deflated gate investigation. fox d drmplet sports director scott smith joins us. good evening, scott, what's the new twist in this? what's the new development? >> greta, fox news sports locker room room attendant captured on video taking the balls from the official's locker room on game day in the afc championship game and bringing them to know location, another room for a moment before then taking them out to the field for pregame. so that is where many people are saying that could -- that could indeed be where this all took place that 11 of the 12 balls and psi was let out of those balls from this equipment manager on the way out to the field. of course there is no evidence that necessarily shows that at this point in the nfl's investigation. but they are kind of circling this equipment manager or this locker room attendant for the patriots and we know that tom brady came out in that radio interview this morning in that boston radio station and he was asked that quite
4:30 pm
clearly, did you ever order an equipment guy any locker room attendant, anybody with the patriots staff to do anything to alter the air pressure in those balls and he came out and said absolutely not. so, this surveillance video shows that this was the last person to have the ball before these balls exited out on the field and he, of course now is in in the cross hairs. >> how aggressive is the nfl even pursuing this? it seemed like a pretty easy thing. it's now been about 8 days. they could easily go talk to this equipment manager. the nfl dragging its feet. it wasn't aggressive in some of its other past investigations. >> right. they didn't even talk to tom brady yet the guy at the center of this whole supposed conspiracy. they haven't even talked to tom brady about it yet. many could suggest that maybe they allow him to focus on the super bowl and come back and circle the wagons and put a button on this investigation. they haven't spoken with him yet. many have suggested it's going to be after the super bowl before we hear of anything.
4:31 pm
richard sherman, the corner back for the seattle seahawks coming out today and saying the problem with this whole thing bob craft the owner of the patriots is little too cozy with commissioner roger goodell and there could be a conflict of interest there and is he not able to levy objective penalty at this point before the super bowl because of that. >> well, i don't know if richard sherman is right that it's too coziy. i think richard sherman is right they can move a whole last faster and get the investigation it sure looks to me they are dragging their feet. i could have gotten the answer earlier than now. scott, thank you. >> you got it, thanks, greta. >> no matter what tom brady says the star quarterback taking heat from well just about everyone. >> i feel like i have always played within the rules. i would never do anything to break the rules. >> you are the one guy that touches the ball constantly. >> live from new york, it's saturday night. >> tom, i think you are pretending to know a lot less than you whale do. >> what? [ laughter ] >> i don't believe there is equipment manager in the nfl
4:32 pm
that would on his own initiative deflate a ball without the starting quarterback's approval. >> i didn't alter the balls in any way. >> if it indeed happened, i believe it's something that's been going on for a long period of time. >> things are going to be fine. this isn't isis this isn't you know, no one is dying. >> and joining us four time pro-bowler, super bowl champ hall of famer, heisman trophy winner and former nfl running back for the dallas cowboys and denver bronchos tony door set. nice to have you with us. >> it's good to be on your show. >> what do you think about this deflate gate? this fuss over this football >> well, you know, there is rules in professional football. if someone has broken the rule then obviously you have done something wrong. you know as they always say you do the crime you have got it do the time. the thing is i have never really paid tension to the
4:33 pm
football. thats watt least of my worries was the weight or the size of the football. >> and what i don't understand i i mean maybe you can explain this to me. patriots have their 12 footballs and i take it that the columns would have had their own 12 footballs, shouldn't they look at their football to see if they are deflated to see whether or not it could have been some outside influence that's been suggested at least by the patriots? be if there. >> well, yeah, i mean there is a lot of things options that they could take but the things about this is you still got to go out and block and tackle. you have got to catch footballs, and then that to me was probably what woo probably be again the least of my worries is the size of the football you know if you prepare yourself properly you got a good game plan, you everything should fall in place for you but just worrying about the football itself, i just think it's very minute. >> if the ball was deflated, and if it gave the patriots
4:34 pm
an advantage, more control over their football. when it was felony for instance, or caught for instance. is that cheating in your minds and if so, what should be the consequence? >> >> well, there is rules and there is regulations. and if you break the rules, obviously you need to be punished. the integrity of the game is very important. so, if you are going to go out and do some deliberately do something that's wrong, and you get caught, then you should be fined. you should be suspended. or the combination of both. but obviously there should be some punishment dealt your way. >> how about having the patriots. [phone ringing] >> i think that's for you. [ laughter ] >> how about the patriots forfeiting the game and having the colts in the super bowl? >> the thing about it is this the way that game ended and the beat down that they
4:35 pm
took, i don't think the football the way that the football had had very much to do with that i think it was the talented on the football field that was eventually, was the difference between those two football teams. so i don't think there should be someone if there is someone deliberate rattedly did these this allegations and obviously somebody needs to be punished but the way that the patriots handled their business on the football field indianapolis had no -- they had no -- they got a good thorough beating and i don't think those guys are complaining about the football. >> one last question. this weekend, seattle or patriots what's the score going to be? wow, you know, i really like both of these teams offense. it's going to be pretty hard -- i can't count tom brady out. so i want to say it's going to be about 30 to 25. >> all right. 30 to 25, all right.
4:36 pm
loved watching you play tony except for when you played against my packers otherwise, i like to watch you play. >> well, it's a good thing we didn't play them very often. >> indeed. >> thank you for joining us. thanks for joining us. that's been my pleasure. and straight ahead, new information about the al qaeda operative released early from a u.s. prison. was he almost swapped for an american couple held in cut tar? that's next. staying on top of the breaking news. monster thunderstorm pummeling the northeast and across the country. trackingth blizzard and more live team coverage coming up. tweet us your photos. here is pictures you have already sent us.
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developing now new information about the early release of an al qaeda operative from super max. a u.s. prison. a republican congressman now says there is evidence of a proposal that would have swapped the terrorist for an american couple held in qatar. fox news intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us. catherine, what happened? the. >> the video was shot alomarry admitted to judge al qaeda sleeper agent sent to the u.s. by the architect of 9/11 khalid sheikh mohammed for a second wave of attacks, on the eve 6 the president's state of the union address prison records show al-marri was quietly are released from colorado super max prison ahead of schedule and flown to qatar where al-marri is a citizen. super max also houses the unabomber and convicted spy robert hanson among others the allegation is that the gulf nation offered to swap al-marri for american couple matt and grace swang who qatar accused of death of their adon'ted daughter who they denied.
4:42 pm
duncan hunter's office backed up the account telling fox that the qatar approached the government in late october specifically about alomarry and quote quid pro quo for the wangs. see a damaging pattern of behavior why the administration that began with last year's swap of the taliban guantanamo bay for sergeant bo bergdahl who deserted his post in afghanistan. asked if it was a coincidence the wangs wangs were released in december amary a month later a states department spokesperson had not denied floated a deal. >> thank you. kelly ayotte serves on the armed services committee and she joins us. nice to see you, senator. >> nice to see you, greta. >> do you get wind of the releases or hear about it after they are finished, they are complete. >> this one we wouldn't have gotten any word of because he was released out of a super max in colorado. so we did not get word of this. and i'm very glad that duncan hunter is asking questions. i do think we need more details about this because the timing of this is very suspicious.
4:43 pm
buff we do have to take it back to the taliban five transfer. so, now you have a situation where we transfer those five dangerous members. >> transfer or release. >> release essentially greta. they are in qatar but think are scheduled to go back to afghanistan. that's the real worry that some many of us have had. the issue really is that what's the price being put on american lives number one, we now are going to have a pattern where people are being asked to be traded you have identifies saying for certain individuals we want tastes released in exchange for. so prisoners we he have. it gets us down this slippery slope and qatar, of course, in the middle of this, qatar is where the taliban five were transferred to and where from there they will be returning to afghanistan. >> i guess i suppose the president is the head of the executive branch has authority for some reason i find it appalling that there isn't of more discussion or dialogue about it. there is not a heads up to the leadership or someone in
4:44 pm
the house and the senate. i mean shouldn't there be some heads up on some of this? >> guantanamo. the inadequate. one of the things included in the legislation that i introduced to stop these transfers, for example, of the high risk detainees is to say there should be more information given to the american people. because these are dangerous individuals being released as you say back to foreign countries and we have the same situation here. right now taliban five situation you have a report sitting on the secretary of the army's desk about what happened there, what were the circumstances surrounding it that hasn't been released yet. more information is important not only to congress but the american people. >> is yemen imploding on us. the president said a few months ago that things looked better now now he is calling it dangerous. >> it's unbelievable. in september he cited yemen as success when he was
4:45 pm
talking about strategy against isis. and now, of course, yemen is imploding. the government has fallen apart. we had reentdly a major suicide bombing with over auto people killed. just in the last thee months of last year there were over 14 al qaeda attacks the place is a mess. administration released four detainees to amman, yemen yemenese. no release with no conditions that they couldn't return to yemen. >> a sign today that the embassy has shut down public. >> very troubling. >> if the embassy is pretty much shut down, there is re senator, always nice to see you. >> great to see you. >> straight ahead we are following breaking news a monster winter storm targeting auto million americans. the brunt of the blizzard is about to hit. our live team coverage continues next.
4:46 pm
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gets ready to come on through. what you see now is just the teaser. we are looking for upwards of 15 to 30 inches of snow across the state here overnight and well into tuesday as this blizzard continues to get ready and punch through the state and the region as we have been
4:51 pm
telling you all night long. blizzard warnings going from south jersey all the way up to parts of maine and this storm, which has gotten fairly common over the last couple of years, we had a blizzard here two years ago. folks here, they are ready for this. although the one thing that they don't want, power outages we have been talking about that with our viewers all night long. potential scattered but not big. the patriots'' fabs here in connecticut are are very happy that the word blizzard has finally replaced deflated gate as the big word of the day in our newscast, back to you. >> i'm sure, matt we managed to slide in a segment on it but thank you matt. >> the storm is so bad in new york city that just minutes ago they started shutting down subway service. and soon only emergency vehicles will be allowed on the streets. eric shawn is live in midtown, manhattan eric? >> hi, greta. this is the is city that never sleeps it will shut down tonight. just over three hours from
4:52 pm
now know subways no, buses not allow odden the streets. no trains bridges and tunnels closed. fifth avenue really have very quiet. a few moments ago mayor bill de blasio called this the calm before the storm. certainly they are taking no chances. we saw a convoy of sanitation plows and trucks going down fifth avenue trying to take care of this snow before it gets worse later on tonight. though so. army of 1800 snowplows, 500 salt spreaders, 2400 workers working all night tonight to deal with this monster storm on its way. right now it seems rather calm. we know it will get much worse in the hours to come. 8 million people in the city. that batten down, ready for the storm. this is of course new york city. that means the deli across the street. they are open 24 hours, and they say they are not closing. so at least they will be open. greta, back to you eric they dual great business with
4:53 pm
everything else shut. let's go back to senior meteorologist janice dean. miss. >> taking a look at it right now, starting to seat dynamics of our blizzard. we actually have some lightning within this huge band of snow that's making its way into n. towards among and around long island and making its way towards new york city. light snow right now. 28. light snow in boston being reported as well as philadelphia. the temperatures are going to drop tonight. if we have power outages. you want to check on your neighbors, cheng on the elderly, we could be dealing with a pretty big situation for the next couple of days especially if we have power outages. 29 million people under a blizzard warning right now. the latest wind gusts tell the story. this blizzard is starting to get wound up off the atlantic, and you can see right now over 30 mile-per-hour gusts that's going to uptick to 40, 50, even 60 miles per hour. the blizzard warning covering 29 million people greta. that's the big take away because we're going to have a period of time of 40, 50
4:54 pm
mile-per-hour winds in exceeding of 6 to 10 hours. that's going to be the real danger of this storm. back to you. >> january anything, thank you. and stay with fox news for all the latest information on this dangerous blizzard. and coming up i want to talk to you off-the-record about a weird experience. one i don't think you want. that's next. before he opened his first hot chocolate stand calling winter an "underserved season". and before he quit his friend's leaf-raking business for "not offering a 401k." larry knew the importance of preparing for retirement. that's why when the time came he counted on merrill edge to streamline his investing and help him plan for the road ahead. that's the power of streamlined connections. that's merrill edge and bank of america.
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because health is everything. (soft, calm music.) hi, you've reached emma. i'm out of the office right now, but will get back to you just as soon as i possibly can. join us for exclusive discovery at sea experiences. princess cruises. come back new. made elevators in a communist country. >> we are just a few floors, greta, from our office here in hanoi. and when we asked about the
4:59 pm
24th floor -- passed about the 24th floor we all felt kind of a violent shake and then the elevator kind of started going down. it felt like the brake on the cable was holding but we were stuck. and we might be here a while. well if it goes down i'm going up. [ laughter ] all right. all right. >> >> jump through there, quickly. >> terrific. >> >> do you mind if i use the stairs? >> yes all is well that ends well. i confess that was not fun. it was about 10 or 15 members. i'm so glad to be home. there is nothing like american made elevators in a democracy. i love them. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. thank you for being with us. we will see you tomorrow
5:00 pm
night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. stay with fox news throughout the night for complete coverage of the blizzard 2015. our fox extreme weather team and correspondents will bring you up to date all night long. good night and stay warm and get -- >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i have to say i'm shocked. >> chris wallace and others not happy that israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will address congress. talking points sees it it differently. we will tell you why. >> we don't seem to have a plan for dealing with that kind of warfare and it's been going on for a long time. >> tom brokaw talking about terrorism on the ground as isis beheads another human being. why won't president obama come to grips with the problem? we will tell you. >> who is the first president of the united states? >> oh, god. i have no idea. >> also ahead, jesse watters visiting aspen, colorado for the x games and bringing with him


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